Thursday 06/10/2022

Arua Hill SC Chairman Interested In Buying Chelsea FC

WestNile billionaire and Arua Hill Sports Club chairman Eng Jaffar A’ita Joel has expressed interest in buying English football club Chelsea as the club owner Roman Abramovich has decided to sell the club.

Joel A’ita has already tabled an offer of $3.3 billion us dollars and according to him if his offer is accepted he will rename the club as KONGOLO FC.

This development was confirmed on Thursday morning in a document signed by Arua Hill Sports Club Chairman Eng Joel A’ita.

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich has confirmed he is selling the Club, with all the net proceeds from the sale to be donated to victims of the war in Ukraine.

Abramovich recently handed the “stewardship and care” of Chelsea to the club foundation’s trustees on Saturday, in a move aimed to protect the Stamford Bridge club following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The billionaire is owed £1.5billion by Chelsea after buying the club in a £140m deal in 2003, but says he will not ask for any of the loans to be repaid.

As per Forbes for April 2021, the Chelsea’s value was £2.4 billion, although since then they have won another Champions League title and secured the Club World Cup last month, which would have increased that figure.

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